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New AMSD company announces a new price reduction for AMSD TalkServer VoIP gateways. A 16 analog lines gateway takes now 1 PCI slot instead of 3 and costs approximately 90000 roubles instead of 125000. Most significant discounts affected E1 compliant gateways: the prices of a 1-trunk and 2-trunk gateways (30 and 60 channels respectively) are reduced by 42000 roubles and 100000 roubles respectively. Improved functionality and high flexibility of AMSD TalkServer gateways make a 30-lines model at 100000 roubles one of the most attractive solutions on the VoIP and telephony platform market. An integrated solution containing AMSD TalkServer VoIP gateway and AMSD BillingSystem provides special functionality for special price; the solution is supplied as a single item and called AMSD Tandem in order to highlight the functional integrity of its components. AMSD Tandem for one E1 trunk is available for 150000 roubles. See other prices here.
VISA and EuroCard/MasterCard are accepted in our e-shop again since January 27. Our e-shop is a convenient way to purchase AMSD EasyTalk™ e-phone. In addition to VISA, EuroCard/MasterCard and STB cards we also accept various e-money (Yandex.Money, WebMoney, Rapida, e-Port, CreditPilot).
On December 8 through December AMSD takes part in the V International forum BILLING.IT Telecom - 2004. You are welcome to our K 3.2 booth. We are also going to give a talk at "OSS/BSS Telecom Forum" in the press hall on December 9, 12:00 to 12:30 P.M.
AMSD company announces a new solution for VoIP providers running AMSD® BillingSystem™ together with Mediant2000 digital VoIP gateway from AudioCodes Ltd. With AMSD® RadiusServer™ as the integration link, the solution significantly extends the capabilities of Mediant2000.
AMSD® TalkServer™ and AMSD® BillingSystem™, AMSD® RadiusServer™ prices are estimated in "accounting units" (a.u.). One accounting unit equals 31 rouble.
AMSD company announces significant price discounts for AMSD TalkServer H.323 compatible IP telephony gateways. Order a gateway supporting one E1 stream for just 4600 a.u. or see the price list for more opportunities.
AMSD® EasyTalk™ IP phone client with limited capabilitues (only PC-to-PC calls) is available for just $20.
An integrated solution for both traditional telephony and VoIP providers is available: AMSD TalkServer IP telephony gateways + a full-service AMSD BillngSystem with debit cards operation support, web interface for subscribers and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu capabilities.
Users of commercial AMSD EasyTalk version have an opportunity to call to Moscow telephone numbers (both local and federal cellular) through the AMSD TalkServer gateway.
AMSD company, in collaboration with the experts of theXchange trading network, tested the connection of AMSD TalkServer gateway to Tario network through SoftSwitch, an H.323 software router by theXchange. Successful test results proved our equipment to be compatible with, allowing our clients to share VoIP resources at a new Internet board, "VoIP exchange".
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