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About AMSD

AMSD (stands for Advanced Multimedia System Design) is a Russian company founded in 1993. AMSD specializes in software development and software/hardware integration on the base of modern computer technologies.

Most famous achievements of AMSD are:

  • AMSD EasyTalk, the first Russian Internet telephone. Allows, since version 2.2 RC, calls to a regular municipal telephone.
  • AMSD TalkServer, a multichannel Internet-telephony gateway providing voice connection between telephone lines (analog and digital) and IP network.
  • AMSD® BillingSystem™, allowing a full service of voice-over-network phone calls billing and quality monitoring.
  • AMSD Ariadna™, the first Russian Internet browser that in due time helped thousands of Russian-speaking people to make their first steps in the WWW easier.
  • We are open to collaboration
AMSD is ready to cooperate with both domestic and foreign partners, in the fields of complex team projects (outsourcing) as well as ready-made software and software/hardware products and solutions development.

We hope this information may appear useful to you. We are open to cooperation and looking forward to your proposals.

  • Extracts from the history of AMSD
AMSD was founded in 1993 and, since the date of foundation, has focused on outsourcing relations with Western companies. The list of our customers includes ESD (Germany), Market Metrics (USA), Digital Equipment Corporation/Compaq (USA), Credence (USA).

Among our software projects there are:

  • multimedia tutorial of Russian language,
  • USA trading network analysis system,
  • PDP-11 emulator on Alpha platform,
  • C++ compiler,
  • process control system for a petroleum storage depot.

Moreover, the employees of AMSD have a deep experience in hardware development, like automatic registration system for a thermal infrared imager and hardware-based PDP-11 emulator.

Besides outsourcing, AMSD has developed and keeps developing its own software products. On the 21st of May 1996 a commercial version of the first Russian browser AMSD Ariadna™ appeared on the market. In June 1997 a commercial version of the first Russian Internet phone application, AMSD EasyTalk, was released. The next AMSD's VoIP solition was AMSD TalkServer, an Internet telephony gateway released in December 1999. The last (not the least) AMSD initiative in the voice-over-network field is AMSD® BillingSystem™ with authentication, authorization, accounting and auditing support.