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Purchase of AMSD« EasyTalkÖ Internet phone (VoIP client)

The below price of one licence (one registered instance of AMSD« EasyTalkÖ) is the end price, independent from the payment procedure; VAT is not added.

Version Price,
AMSD« EasyTalkÖ with calls-to-telephone capabilities $32

Calls to Moscow

Every user of a registered commercial version of AMSD« EasyTalkÖ receives free 1650 minutes of conversation with any Moscow city phone or federal cellular subscriber through AMSD's own gateway. The bonus is valid for six months from the purchase date.

How to pay for the commercial version

  • Bank transfer
Transfer the rouble (RUR) equivalent of 32 USD (according to the daily Central Bank rate) to AMSD's rouble account. Here are the necessary account attributes:

OOO "ADVANSED MALTIMEDIA SISTEM DIZAIN" (╬╬╬ "└─┬└═Đ┼─ ╠└╦Ď╚╠┼─╚└ Đ╚ĐĎ┼╠ ─╚ă└╔═")
109544, Moscow, Novorogozhskaya st., 19

R/acc 40702810000210000032 to Bank of Moscow, Moscow city
Cor/acc 30101810500000000219
BIC (bank identification code) 044525219
ITN (individual tax-payer number) 770 92 86 962
  • Postal transfer
Transfer the rouble (RUR) equivalent of 32 USD (according to the daily Central Bank rate) to AMSD's rouble account. Here is our

physical (postal) address:

109544, AMSD, Novorogozhskaya, 19, Moscow, Russia

call: +7 (095) 278-5485
fax: +7 (095) 278-1267
  • Paying with a card or e-money
AMSD EasyTalk is available in out online shop.

If the listed payment procedures fail to satisfy you or you have questions about purchasing of AMSD TalkServerÖ please contact us by e-mail or call us by telephone: +7(095)278-5485.

Version update

Free AMSD EasyTalkÖ version update is available to all product users.

Acquiring AMSD EasyTalkÖ installation files and serial number

  • Download the product from AMSD server
You can always download the last version of the product from this server.
  • Receive product files by e-mail
Files may be sent to you via e-mail by your request. Use the following link to contact us. Don't forget to enclose your commercial Serial Number to the letter.
  • Buy the product at AMSD office
Regardless of the payment procedure you chose, you can get the last version of AMSD EasyTalkÖ on diskettes at AMSD office.
  • How to get a Serial Number
In case the payment for the program was fulfilled by a bank, mail or cable transfer, your permanent Serial Numbers for the program and the access codes to the gateway will be delivered only after the payment arrives.

If you would like to receive your Serial Numbers before the arrival of your payment, sending a copy of your payment confirmation document one of the following ways:

  • by fax;
  • by e-mail as a scanned soft copy in JPEG format.

If the document is a payment order (from a company), a single-sided copy would be enough. If it is a receipt on payment transfer from a person, send both sides.

The Serial Numbers will be sent by e-mail the same day the confirmation is received. If you need invoices (that is, if you represent a company), we send their soft copies by e-mail at once on demand and their first (paper) copies by certified mail the next day after receiving the payment confirmation. If the payment was performed by a credit card at our e-shop, the Serial Numbers will be sent after the payment check performed by AMSD company and the bank.

  • Software registration
If you are already using AMSD EasyTalkÖ shareware version, then re-register it by entering Registration Number of the commercial version. After that all limitations of shareware version will be removed.

If you have just got a Registration Number of the commercial version and files of AMSD EasyTalkÖ product, please launch the product installation program and enter the Registration Number of the commercial version when the installer asks you to.

After performing the above-mentioned actions you will be able to work with the commercial version of AMSD EasyTalkÖ.

Please send all your questions on AMSD EasyTalkÖ functioning to our product support service.