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AMSD« TalkServerÖ VoIP gateways price lists

The price of AMSD« TalkServerÖ depends on the system composition.

AMSD« TalkServerÖ with Foreign Exchange (FXO, FXS) interface price list.

New AMSD« TalkServerÖ with E1 interface (EDSS1 signalling, ISDN PRI, R2.0, R1.5) price list.

Payment procedures

  • Bank transfer
The preferred way is a postal or bank transfer to AMSD rouble account. The transfer sum (in USD) is shown in the price list. The transfer currency is russian rouble (RUR); the conversion rate is the one daily estimated by the Central Bank of Russia.

Rouble account:

OOO "ADVANSED MALTIMEDIA SISTEM DIZAIN" (╬╬╬ "└─┬└═Đ┼─ ╠└╦Ď╚╠┼─╚└ Đ╚ĐĎ┼╠ ─╚ă└╔═")
109544, Moscow, Novorogozhskaya st., 19

R/acc 40702810000210000032 to Bank of Moscow, Moscow city
Cor/acc 30101810500000000219
BIC (bank identification code) 044525219
ITN (individual tax-payer number) 770 92 86 962


109544, AMSD, Novorogozhskaya, 19, Moscow, Russia

call: +7 (095) 278-5485
fax: +7 (095) 278-1267

Use the following link to contact us After receiving the payment we'll send you the chosen software or equipment.

  • Other ways

If the listed payment procedures fail to satisfy you or you have questions about purchasing of AMSD TalkServerÖ please send us a message or call us by telephone: +7(095)278-5485.