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Cisco gateways support

The new AMSD development, AMSD® RADIUS Server™, integrates AMSD® BillingSystem™ with popular Cisco H.323 compliant gateways, offering a powerful and easy-to-deploy solution for VoIP (voice over IP) service providers.

AMSD® RADIUS Server™ delivers all the functionality of AMSD® BillingSystem™ ("hot billing", easy administration of tariff plans, voice menu (IVR)) to Cisco gateways, providing a wide scope of VoIP services, not only AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) but also remote management and information. As in the AMSD® TalkServer™ - AMSD® BillingSystem™ solution, AMSD® BillingSystem™ serves as the integration core.

The interaction between the gateway and the billing system is carried out by RADIUS protocol (Remote Dial-In User Service). AMSD® RADIUS Server™ supports generic RADIUS (RFC 2865/66, RFC 2138/39) with Cisco IOS implementation specific features.

AMSD® BillingSystem™ supports interactive voice response (IVR), so that subscribers could manage their accounts, activate debit cards, use a personal phone book and obtain various relevant information during the call session, with no need for VXML capabilities of the IOS installed.

AMSD® BillingSystem™ applies highly configurable taxation rules to subscriber accounts and, therefore, may be used to deliver VoIP services really worldwide. The use of MIAVA rules (Markup Initiative for Ad-lib Value Articulation) in AMSD® RADIUS Server™ brings a significant facility to speech synthesis on the IVR side ($154.2 = "one hundred and fifty-four dollars and twenty cents"), as MIAVA is an easy and flexible language to describe most Indo-European grammars, various (not only decimal) numeric notations, composition of various currency units (1 dollar = 100 cents, 1 pound = 20 shillings = 240 pences). The current "Cisco gateway - AMSD® RADIUS Server™ - AMSD® BillingSystem™" solution is supplied with MIAVA rule samples for Russian, English, German and Chinese languages. Speech synthesis is performed on the RADIUS server side, to reduce the time overhead on the gateway.

The client part of the solution contains several Cisco IVR applications (TCL scripts) handling separate stages of the call session. The gateway administrator can combine them in arbitrary order, for instance, use the authentication unit to control subscribers' access to IVR applications from third party producers.

The solution has been tested on Cisco 2650XM under IOS 12.2(8)T.