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Debit cards support in AMSD® BillingSystem™

AMSD® BillingSystem™ contains a distributable debit (prepaid) cards procession subsystem. The nominal of the card may be added to subscriber account, or used by a new subscriber to open a new account, temporary or permanent. Three different types of debit cards are supported.

Debit card types

  • Addable to existing accounts by their possessors (existing Billing System subscribers). The card contains an activation code under the protective layer; the subscriber enters (dials) the activation code on entering the "Activate a card" item of the voice menu (IVR). Then the card nominal is added to the respective account.

  • Registrable as new accounts for temporary or permanent registration of new subscribers, with predefined pricing plan, authentication procedure and list of available services. Every "registrable" card contains a PIN and a password (if necessary).

  • Combined type. Contains an activation code, a PIN and (optionally) a password under the protective layer. The purchaser may activate it as a card of either type, "addable" or "registrable", as he wishes.

Functions of the debitcard subsystem

  • cards generation with predefined parameters;
  • export of printable output (with all necessary credentials);
  • registration of primary distributors;
  • selling cards to primary distributors;
  • card activation by subscriber request;
  • monitoring and reports generation.