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Monitoring and auditing under AMSD® BillingSystem™

AMSD® BillingSystem™ processes logged authentication, connection and session information to generate reports of various profiles. Both overall and client-specific statistics are available.

Report construction is automated under AMSD® BillingSystem™. The BS Manager application allows the billing system administrator to:

  • build a single report with a static query ("screenshot") to view and/or store in the database;
  • describe a persistent job (action) invoked by a given schedule to create and store reports with dynamically updated parameters, following the date, time and system configuration;
  • view an existing report stored in the data base.

Subscribers may view relevant reports through the WWW interface.

A flexible mechanism of report template generation and editing is provided, available not only to the BS developers but also to the BS deployers (clients).

Templates can be stored in HTML format for later use, allowing to reducing the database server load. Report recalculation jobs can be invoked at any given time of the day (like, for efficiency reasons, during the least hourly BS load).