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About AMSD® BillingSystem™

AMSD® BillingSystem™ provides AAA (authentication, authorization and accounting) services to conventional telephony and VoIP systems. Efficiency and sipmlicity in deployment and support make it available to small communication service providers; wide range of AMSD® BillingSystem™ supplementary capabilities make it a reasonable access management and record-keeping solution even for highly complex communication networks.

AMSD® BillingSystem™ has been initially developed for VoIP telephony systems maintenance (in particular, for AMSD® TalkServer™ gateway management), not rebuilt from another billing system with different purposes (like cellular communications support). Thus AMSD® BillingSystem™'s structure and functions directly follow telephony and VoIP specifics. The supported functions are "hot billing", debit cards support (generation, distribution, payments-with), rich monitoring and analysis toolkit, interactive (WWW and IVR) subscriber access to personal information.

AMSD® BillingSystem™ allows construction and maintenance of provider (public access) and corporate VoIP networks of various scale, based on AMSD TalkServer™ gateway and RADIUS compliant VoIP hardware from other suppliers in any combination.

We supply AMSD® BillingSystem™ with any number of lines supported, starting from one.