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Mediant gateways support

AMSD company offers a solution for VoIP providers running AMSD® BillingSystem™ together with Mediant 2000 digital VoIP gateway from AudioCodes Ltd.

Using AMSD® RadiusServer™ as the integration link, the solution significantly extends the capabilities of Mediant 2000.

AMSD® RadiusServer™ complies to all the peculiarities of the RADIUS protocol implementation on Mediant (for instance, balance sufficiency confirmation (h323-credit-amount) is supported).

Mediant gateways offer configurable IVR (designed in VXML language). New VXML scripts developed by AMSD support subscriber authentication not only by PIN and password (as provided by the vendor) but also by ANI information (Calling-Station-Id) and/or PIN solely.

Connected to the Mediant gateway and passed the authentication dialog, the subscriber is allowed to attempt an unlimited number of calls (successful or insuccessful) without disconnection from the gateway and entering the credentials for the second time.

Mediant gateways currently support so-called "warm billing", that is: the allowed talk time is reported to the RADIUS client on authorization only, the real talk time is reported to the RADIUS server once at disconnection. Timeouted talks are disconnected precisely to second.

AMSD® RadiusServer™ provides access to special AMSD® BillingSystem™ services for Mediant-connected subscribers by a protocol very much like USSD in GSM networks: the subscriber dials the operation prefix + parameters passed instead of the called number. For instance, subscribers can refill their accounts by activating a prepaid card.

Interaction with AMSD® RadiusServer™ requires TrunkPack (Mediant 2000 OS) version 4.2 or higher.

AudioCodes Ltd. plans to add "hot billing" support, access to special billing system services via a multilevel IVR and other supplementary capabilities in TrunkPack version 4.4.

AMSD thanks kindly BrizNet Ltd., reseller of AudioCodes Ltd., for a test sample of Mediant 2000 as well as for assistance in its deployment and configuration.