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AMSD® EasyTalk™ download and registration

Last stable version of AMSD® EasyTalk™

The following AMSD® EasyTalk™ binaries for x86 platform are available:
AMSD EasyTalk™ 2.2RC ðóññêàÿ âåðñèÿ 1.4 Mb
AMSD EasyTalk™ 2.2RC ðóññêàÿ âåðñèÿ, áåç ñèñòåìíûõ áèáëèîòåê (DLL) 0.8 Mb
AMSD EasyTalk™ 2.2RC English interface 1.3 Mb
AMSD EasyTalk™ 2.2RC English interface, w/out system DLLs 0.7 Mb

AMSD® EasyTalk™ trial version registration

You should register before you can use AMSD® EasyTalk™. The Serial Number e-mailed to you on registration will be requested during AMSD® EasyTalk™ installation.

Warning: you will not be able to use AMSD® EasyTalk™ without registration.

AMSD® EasyTalk™ commercial version registration

After the purchase of AMSD® EasyTalk™ your Serial Number will sent to you automatically.

AMSD® EasyTalk™ usage: notes for beginners

  • If you use AMSD® EasyTalk™ trial version

Your initial steps should be:

  • Download AMSD® EasyTalk™ installation file;
  • Register as an EasyTalk™ user and receive your trial version Serial Number;
  • Run the installation file;
  • Enter your Serial Number when you are requested to.

  • If you purchased AMSD® EasyTalk™

If you used the trial version of AMSD® EasyTalk™ before:

  • Run the installation utility;
  • Re-register the application by selecting the "Registration" menu item and entering the commercial version Serial Number.
If you have just obtained the installation binary and Serial Numner, please do the following:
  • Run the installation file;
  • Enter the Serial Number when you are requested to.