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How to call from AMSD® EasyTalk™ to a regular phone

Since version 2.2.RC AMSD® EasyTalk™ VoIP client allows to place calls to "regular" phones (city, cellular etc.) through AMSD® TalkServer™ VoIP gateway. In addition, the gateway allows calls from a regular phone to a computer with AMSD® EasyTalk™ installed.

Free calls for AMSD® EasyTalk™ users

Users of AMSD® EasyTalk™ commercial version may call to Moscow city and federal cellular numbers through AMSD's own gateway. This offer is valid for six months since the purchase date, for overall conversation time limited to 1650 minutes.

AMSD® EasyTalk™ setup for calls to regular phones.

  • VoIP gateway setup

You need to describe the gateway to use before calling from AMSD® EasyTalk™ to a telephone.

  • Run AMSD® EasyTalkExplorer™;
  • Select View->Options->Telephony from the menu.
  • Set the "Access the PBX using a Telephone Server" checkbox.
  • Enter the host and settings of the gateway by pressing "Add..." and filling in the fields in the "Telephone Server properties" window.
  • Telephone Server properties description
  • Name = any name you like;
  • IP address = dotted IP address (IPv4) or hostname (DNS) of the gateway (;
  • Port = remote port number (set to 2205);
  • Don't forget to set the "Access the PBX using a Telephone Server" checkbox.
  • User Name = your name in the directory;
  • Password = the password of your directory registration.

Every registered user of AMSD® EasyTalk™ commercial version receives a unique name-password combination to access AMSD's VoIP gateway in Moscow.

  • Sample Telephone Server description

Name: [any]
Address: (no proxy)
Port: 2205
User Name: 123
Password: 567

  • How to dial the phone number

The number should be typed in AMSD® EasyTalkExplorer™ dialer panel.
Please note that our gateway allows only Moscow city and Moscow cellular numbers (including federal cellular numbers) with prefices.
To call a Moscow city phone, dial
+7(095)100 or
100 or
(095)2782586 or
To call a federal cellular, dial
+7(916)1111111 or
8 916 1111111.

  • AMSD® EasyTalk™ version requirements

AMSD® EasyTalk™ can be downloaded here or received directly from AMSD by e-mail or any other way. The version should be 2.2RC or higher.
Please send your questions and bug reports to product support service.

  • Premature line quality evaluation

To provide good (or at least satisfactory) voice channel quality of your AMSD EasyTalk™ call to Moscow, the IP transfer timeout (from your ISP to our gateway) should not exceed 500 milliseconds. You can measure the actual timeout by running

tracert or ping

from the console (MS DOS window).
If the timeout value is lower then 250 ms, the quality of voice transmission will be excellent.
It the maximum timeout exceeds 500 ms, the voice stream may be transferred with serious delays. In this case we recommend you to change your ISP.
If the maximum timeout exceeds 800..900 ms, it will be virtually impossible to achieve a satisfactory voice connection between your computer and the phone in Moscow.
Therefore, before making test calls to Moscow (you can do it before ordering AMSD EasyTalk™; just request a "temporary" Serial Number for testing purposes), you should send us the ping logs generated by tracert or ping.

Special note: access to AMSD gateway in Moscow (for making calls to city and cellular phones) is not granted to users of trial (shareware) version of AMSD® EasyTalk™.