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AMSD solutions for conventional telephony networks

AMSD company provides conventional telephony solutions built on AMSD's own products, in particular: a switch-and-billing platform on AMSD® TalkServer™ and AMSD® BillingSystem™.

The platform connects to a telephone exchange (PBX). The gateway receives and transmits calls, provides IVR, routes calls to IP destinations if necessary. The billing system authenticates the subscribers, validates their accounts on call initiation and tràcks them during the call to disconnect the subscriber if no credit amount is left.

Use of the switch-and-billing platforms allows to extend the list of available services significantly.

Opportunities for conventional telephony

  • Various billing approaches (credit, prepaid, debit cards etc.).
  • Per-second accounting. Introduction of per-second accounting is a significant benefit, for nowadays most telephone bills are per-minute.
  • Use of team accounts (convenient for corporations, allows to charge a single account for all calls, or calls from a custom range of phone numbers and/or PINs).
  • Use of "hot billing". The account statement is tracked in real time, and the connection is terminated if no credit amount is left.
  • Interactive voice response (IVR). Various patterns of system response to subscriber calls are configurable. For instance, the system can provide account balance, per-minute cost etc. on long-distance calls and, at the same time, place local calls immediately.

Switch-and-billing platform optimization

If only conventional telephony services are provided (no VoIP), the gateway may be supplied without codecs support, i.e. at lower price. In this case, the quantity of required "billing lines" (simultaneous connections allowed) is halved, for at least two "gateway lines" participate in a single connection.

If VoIP is enabled, placing custom group of external outgoing calls via conventional phone lines or via Internet allows effective talk cost optimization.