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VoIP eXchange tested
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AMSD® TalkServer™ features and capabilities

Specifications and compliancies

  • foreign exchange (FXO, FXS) and E1 digital channels (trunks) support;
  • ITU-T G.165 echo compensation and ITU-T GSM 0610, G.711, G.729, G.723.1 compression supplied at hardware level;
  • enhanced AMSD EasyChannel™ data transmission protocol;
  • H.323 protocol support;
  • compatibility with Cisco VoIP hardware;
  • compatibility with AMSD® EasyTalk™ and MS NetMeeting;
  • fax transmission according to ITU-T T.38 UDP Group-3 Fax with protocols ITU-T V.29, V.27ter and V.21 channel 2, T.30, T.4 supplied;
  • operability in VoIP networks of various providers;
  • operability in a gateway network;
  • extensibility to any number of lines (channels);

Billing support

Services provided

  • authentication by Caller ID, PIN, password and any combination of the three;
  • extensible and configurable interactive voice response (IVR) with multiple languages supported;

Routing and connection

  • internal routing data base;
  • gatekeeper support;
  • automatic selection of the remote gateway during call placement, to optimize talk cost, server load and QoS according to a configurable priority list;
  • management of access to other gateways and their data bases;
  • handling several regions at a single gateway;

Configurability. Gateway, line, provider setup

  • automatic adjustment of voice transmission quality;
  • flexible setup of callback, AAA, line reservation options in order to optimize connection load and resource allocation;
  • flexible setup of user messages in order to provide detailed information services to subscribers;
  • "abort dialing" key, dialing a new number in the same session;
  • various numbering types support (E.164, regional-specific, PBX, VPN);
  • call destination restriction by configurable subranges of numbers;
  • configurability of every particular phone line (i.e. each line may be assigned individual filters, prefices etc.);
  • proxy and firewall support;

Signalling and voice boards configuration

  • automatic number identification (ANI) and procession;
  • pulse and tone dialing;
  • DIALTONE, BACKRING, BUSY signals identification and generation;
  • tones of given frequency generation;
  • VAD support (voice detection);
  • FXS support (connection to a telephone device without a PBX between, with "RING" voltage generation and on-board power source);
  • software voltage setup;
  • VOX support;


  • detailed gateway functioning monitoring;
  • both local and remote administration of the gateway.