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VoIP eXchange tested
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Configuration flavors and system requirements

Availavle models of AMSD® TalkServer™

AMSD® TalkServer™ can connect to analogue (foreign exchange) lines (FXO) and hardware (FXS) with 1 to 35 lines commonly supported, or to (commonly) 1 to 4 E1 digital treams (EDSS1 signalling, ISDN PRI, R2.0, R1.5), with H.323 protocols stack and AMSD® EasyChannel™ protocol or with AMSD® EasyChannel™ protocol only.

All configurations support echo suppression (ITU-T G.165) and ITU-T GSM 0610, G.711 compression. Some configurations (not all) support ITU-TG.729, G.723.1 compression.

AMSD® TalkServer™ delivery modes

  • as a pack of voice boards and software to install
  • as a ready-to-use unit (computer), connectable to telephone exchange (FX, E1) and Ethernet.
  • System requirements

The first delivery mode requires

  • Pentium 200 processor or higher, MS Windows NT Server/Workstation 4.0, SP6a, MS Windows 2000 Server/Professional, MS Windows XP, or MS Windows 2003 Server, 64MB RAM or higher, 15MB or more free HDD space,
  • permanent or temporary connection to Internet or any other TCP/IP network (bandwidth-per-line requirements shown here),
  • connection to a public ATE or a local PBX.

The second delivery mode (ready-to-use unit) requires: