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AMSD products

AMSD® TalkServer™

VoIP gateway. Places phone-to-computer and computer-to-phone calls with the use of Internet or a local-area IP network as the transmission channel.

AMSD® BillingSystem™

A full-scale billing system providing AAA+A (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting and Auditing) to VoIP service providers. Allows centralized record keeping, deals with various services, client accounts, PINs, pricing plans, debit and credit modes, etc. Supports "hot billing", debitcards, customizable reports, subscriber home page. Understands RADIUS protocol.

AMSD® EasyTalk™

End-user VoIP client allowing voice communication over Internet or LAN. The new version supports call placement to a regular (city) phone and call reception from a regular phone. Provides excellent voice transmission quality, file exchange and text chat, directory server support.