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AMSD Ariadna

AMSD Ariadna™ is the first Russian multifunctional WWW browser designed for Windows 95 and Windows NT (available in Russian and English languages).

Our company started to develop AMSD Ariadna ™ browser long ago in 1994, when very few people in Russia knew about WWW and far less people could use it. The browser appeared in extremely good time, practically with the beginning of more or less wide growth of Internet in Russia. As the menu and all the buttons in Ariadna were in Russian it was simple for users who didn’t use Internet before and who didn’t know English language well enough to master the browser and using it to prowl the Internet.

Since the very beginning Ariadna has been a Russian project oriented just towards a Russian-speaking user; therefore, taking users' problems and requirements into account, it has a convenient built-in English-Russian translator, supports five Russian encodings and automatically recognizes them.

After the development and localization of Microsoft IE and Netscape Navigator and the beginning of their free distribution it became clear that Adriana’s upgrade would take too many efforts to be profitable for such a small company as AMSD. So the works associated with Ariadna development were “frozen”. Ariadna became a thing of the history but in due time when it was extremely necessary it had helped many users to find the way through the tangled labyrinth to the illimitable space of Internet. It was widely used; there were publications about Ariadna in journals devoted to Internet; it was more praised than criticized, and in those years Ariadna was worthily the best Russian browser.

At present lovers of the antique can also download and use Ariadna, but please bear in mind, that the browser does not support frames, cookies, JavaScript, animated GIF files, JPEG format as well as copying in a clipboard. JAVA is supported by SUN JDK 1.02 installation on the computer.Other JDK versions are not supported. The last browser version supports HTML 3.2, sending letters via e-mail and a built-in English-Russian dictionary. The browser operates under English and localized Windows versions.

Now AMSD continues to develop various tools supporting different Internet-technologies, including protection against unauthorized access, data filtering for children protection from undesirable information (violence, adult content, drugs etc.), information search in Internet and others. To put it another way, AMSD has not stopped working in the field of Internet. We have only changed certain priorities of our activity and still remain among the developers and suppliers of the software based on Internet technologies.