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AMSD® Ariadna™

The first Russian web browser. Supports HTML 3.0, JAVA and all the basic Internet protocols. Includes a built-in e-mail client. Automatically recognizes various codepages. Includes a built-in English-Russian dictionary. English and Russian versions are available. Newer versions are not developed any more; but the product may be interesting as a fact of the history of Russian Internet. Click here for more info.

PDP-11 emulator for Alpha platform

PDP-11 emulator for Alpha. It was designed for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC).

Russian tutor

One of the first multimedia textbooks of Russian, teaching the initial skills of colloquial speech, pronunciation and reading in a vivid and evident form. It was designed in 1993-1994 for ESD company (Germany) and contains 26 lessons and over 350 exercises. The same personae act in all the lessons. The textbook is animated. All the "listening" part is pronounced by native speakers; the student can record, play and compare his pronunciation to the native pattern at any moment during the lesson. The tutorial contains a unique speech analyzer.


E-Movie™, a booking-office support system for cinemas, was developed by AMSD for Rombo Central Company hand-to-hand with NIKFI. Enables reservation and distribution of the tickets, supports fiscal record-keeping, includes an easily usable and configurable system for designing and editing patterns of the hall as well as ticket templates. At the present time the product is used in the following cinemas: "Artistic" (Moscow), "Artistic" (Samara), "Cinema center" (Great Novgorod), "LenYCL" (Vologda), "Mayakovsky" (Omsk).

AMSD AvtoServis (Auto Service)

Car-care service support system. Most basic accounting operations are implemented, like spare parts and materials warehousing, workflow and cash flow registration. Enables complete invoices to be exported or printed. Includes inauthorized entry protection and many other features.

AMSD Termokon (Thermocon)

Temperature control system for a spaceship at the launching pad. High quality and reliability of Termocon provides stable functioning of all on-board systems.

Presidential office

“Working activity of the President’s Administration Leading Staff planning system” designed in 1995 for the Russian Federation President’s Management Department. The system is a toolkit for creating short-turn and long-term plans for the Russian President and Presidential Aides.

Home bank

"Home banking" system designed for Avtobank. Enables managing client accounts through Internet, granting day-and-night high quality bank service to users from any place of the planet.